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And we are back! First up, Bluebird and me'sen present the SIXTH installment of our Colours series, with Volume 7 already in the pipeline. This particular selection is something of a slow builder, taking a little time before unleashing all its pent-up energy. By the end, of course, we're flying at the speed of light!

MVP of the Month goes to Justin Nicholas (that's Most Valuable Player, not Minimum Viable Product...). Justin is something of a Renaissance Man, turning his hand to multiple styles ranging from commercial house to progressive trance. Not bad for a former happy hardcore MC! You can hear "Jutt" all over the Rebirth Radio schedules. This month alone we've had these new sets from the talented Mr N.

Also new this month...

Mix Of The Month: it all begins on the bucolic moors, however the tranquility is soon interrupted by the sound of heavy industry. Welcome to Yorkshire! This musical journey takes us from Ilkley to Hull, backwards and forwards across the Ridings via way of Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford and Harrogate. Our tour guides include The Human League, Pulp, Gang Of Four, Utah Saints, Everything But The Girl and loads more. Ey oop indeed :-)


As Summer turns into Autumn, be sure to check out our new and improved Autumn Schedules. Every night is Club Night on Rebirth Radio, so why not invite your friends over, tune in and have a rave in your own home?! To get the party started, Bluebird and myself present Volume 5 in our Colours psytrance series...

A couple of special anniversary shows this week. The BeatDown hip-hop show celebrates 13x's twentieth contribution (excluding the two live specials). Meanwhile 13x's own Schrodinger's Box electronica show notches up its thirtieth episode. There's still life in our quantum cat yet, it seems! 

Also new this month...


Mix Of The Month: a vintage hard dance set, dating from an incredible two decades ago. Inspired by the underground London scene of the day, especially what you'd hear at venues like EQ, Mass and Thyssen Street Studios. Most of the featured artists are still about, one way or another. Includes tracks by Organ Donors, DJ Choci, Max & Amino, Nick Sentience, Captain Tinrib and loads more.


Happy Bank Holiday crew! Whatever you're up to, make it a good one! First up this month, we congratulate our good friend Cheryl Holland on her second release, the truly excellent "Get Up To Get Down". If you like your uplifting vocal house, with a massive drop and bumping beats, be sure to give it a listen!

Meanwhile on the decks, I've knocked up my third consecutive DnB set, "Parallax", and the team have been busy putting together all manner of goodies for your enjoyment.

Mix Of The Month: Possibly my personal favourite of all the mix collaborations JJ and I have ever put together, and most of that is down to the Lacey lad's amazing use of sound FX and samples. That said, the tune selection and mixing is pretty damn on fleek, if I may say it myself! One of those all-too-rare mixes that totally transcends space and time and creates its own self-contained musical universe.


Yo! How goes it? Hope you have had a good month, whatever you've been up to. Relatively quiet here on the new shows front, but with so many sets in our schedules now, there's barely enough hours in the day to fit them all in anyway! My latest DnB set crams in as many tunes as it can into just over half an hour.

Over to the Rebirth crew now for a listen to what they've been working on...

Mix Of The Month: Let's rewind back to my very first DnB set from waaaaaay back in 2002. Which means it involved nowt but a pair of 1210s, a mixer and a little collection of records, followed by the painstaking process of burning it onto a couple of dozen CDs. At the time a one-off foray into a new genre for me, Jungle Queen in fact turned out to be merely the first stage in an on/off DnB journey I've been on ever since. Featured artists include Adam F, Ray Keith, Goldie, Dom & Roland, Total Science and loads more...

JJ Lacey returns with a marathon two-hour chillout set, comprising 100% original material!

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