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The main action chez nous this month has been the overhaul of this website! Ever evolving, we hope the new look is both stylish and easy to use. Give us your feedback, and, as always, it's an open invitation to get involved - send us your sets and we'll get you on the radio! 


A warm welcome to our newest recruit: let's big it up for 80HD and this excellent deep house set.

Meanwhile, here's what's new from our regular contributors...

Mix Of The Month: a new regular feature in which we look back at a classic DJ set from the archives. This month: the Strange Travels series derives from my earliest forays into underground techno and trance. The first two volumes set the scene for the paradigm-shifting third instalment. After an ambient intro we rapidly take off into the stratosphere with the all-time classic "The Age Of Love", and from there on we continue corkscrewing our way through some of the most inflential Goa / pstryance tracks ever. Featured artists include Cactus, The Secret, Hallucinogen, Total Eclipse, Man With No Name and loads more.


"Highway 62 Theme" has so far peaked at #53 in the Global House Charts. We'll be giving it another push mid-summer. Much love to everyone who's shown their support, especially those of you who've downloaded it and are dropping it in your sets! Let's hope the tune gets people moving across the globe just in time for summer :-)

Talking of club bangers, check out our friend Cheryl's latest single. If you like emotional trance that tugs at the heart strings, you'll go ape for this anthem!

Bluebird & Rebirth waste no time in getting down the third volume of Colours, possibly our best yet! You decide....

What else have we got for you this month? Take a butcher's at this selection of our finest cuts!


Mix Of The Month: a new regular feature in which we look back at a classic DJ set from the archives. This month: a short primer showcasing the Rebirth Sound: 100% original productions, all available on Rebirth Audio and Rebirth Dance!


All systems go this month! First up, if you've not already done so, make sure to follow Highway 62 on Spotify! We're currently at #78 on the Global House Chart and steadily climbing....

Bluebird & Rebirth's second instalment of the Colours series follows hot on the heels of Vol. 1, with ten more epic psytrance and forest psy bangers in the mix!

13x makes a return to the decks following a well-earned break. with two exciting new sets: one episode each of The Beatdown and Schrodinger's Box shows.

Also new this month...

Mix Of The Month: a new regular feature in which we look back at a classic DJ set from the archives. This month: with the talk of 15 Minute Cities and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, all things automobile-related are currently under the microscope. Of course (ahem) we were a few years ahead of the curve with 2017's "And Where Do You Think You're Going", a musical treatise on the different feelings the humble motorcar can arouse. Features non-stop car-based classics such as "Driving In My Car" (Madness), "Roadrunner" (Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers), "Life Is A Highway" (Tom Cochrane), "Driving Away From Home" (It's Immaterial) plus loads more!


Our resident alternative rock/Midwest Emo expert Bluebird has been a busy bee this month. Not only has he put together another superb volume of guitar-based music, "Radio Next"; he has also stepped rather dramatically into the world of psytrance/forest psy, with the first ever official Bluebird/Rebirth collab (hopefully not the last!) Indeed we are already working on Vol 2...

Also new for February:

Mix Of The Month: so apparently some of the stories of Roald Dahl are to be re-edited with more "sensitive" language! As a massive Roald Dahl fan growing up, I found it was the very nastiness and brutishness of his grotesque characters that made their inevitable downfalls so much more satisfying. Maybe slightly less well-known than Dahl's children's stories was the more grown-up, but equally macabre "Tales Of The Unexpected" anthology, adapted for TV in the 80s with its highly memorable and spooky theme tune. Said theme tune opens up this Dahlesque dubstep storytime: a half-hour musical adventure packed with monsters, robots, madmen, wild animals, explosions, space travel and many more plot twists!


Wow! Christmas and New Year seem like they were a million years ago, but in fact it's just been a few weeks. One way or another, we have made it into 2023, so wherever you are tuning in from, hello and welcome to Rebirth Radio: where music, as you may have gathered, comes alive!

Let's kick off this year's entries by throwing a shoutout to DJ extraordinaire David Noakes. David has reworked "Highway 62 Theme" into a full-on club anthem! The original was already a dance tune, but more of a mood piece tailor-made for warm-up sets or as background "house muzak". David's incredible remix shines a spotlight on the song's distinctive bassline and juxtaposes it with a heavy organ-driven groove. On top of which, steamy samples furnish the track with a brand new vocal hook, transforming it into a main room banger!

What new DJ sets do we have for you this year then? Take a listen to this selection....

JJ Lacey returns with a marathon two-hour chillout set, comprising 100% original material!

Mix Of The Month: a new regular feature in which we look back at a classic DJ set from the archives. This month: 1994's "To The Beat Of The Drum" followed on from "Born Free" and "Connected", a non-stop mix of the biggest and best club anthems of the day. A whole bunch of all-time dance anthems feature on this set, including "Dreamer" (Livin' Joy), "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" (Baby D), "Not Over Yet" (Grace), "Push The Feeling On" (Nightcrawlers) and loads more...

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