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And so we reach the halfway point of the year, and boy have we been firing on all  cylinders lately. Where do we begin? Let's kick off with a brand new series of mixes dedicated to those artists who have had the biggest influence on us. Brainchild of 13x, we present Nuggetz...

Meanwhile those Beatdown sets keep coming thick and fast...

Also new this month...


Happy Bank Holiday everyone! 13x and myself had a fantastic 16:20 Sessionz Bank Holiday Special yesterday, spinning over four hours of back to back bangers from all across the spectrum: everything from A Tribe Called Quest to Sparks, via The Aphex Twin and Barrington Levy. Join us most Sunday afternoons, whenever we get the chance to drop in live!

You can catch 13x live via Deadstream on 12/06/21, along with a great line-up of cutting-edge electronic music and art.


New shows this month include the latest sets from 13x, Slojam and Bluebird...


It's that time again! So what's new in April then? Well, loads and loads of new shows for a start, such as my latest hip-hop set for The Beatdown...

One of our earliest contributors and founding members DJ Chucky returns with a bang. With multiple Hard House #1 chart toppers under his belt, Chucky's show Chucky's Mysteryland is a must listen if you like your beats bouncy and energised to the max!

Another old friend returns to the fray: the one and only God Komplex. A veteran of the Leeds party scene, now based in Mexico, God Komplex throws down a brand new set of exotic, cosmopolitan Ghetto Funk, guaranteed to get ya dancing!

Next up, a couple of new sets from the worlds of alternative rock and indie. 13x follows up the debut instalment of The Krunch with a stunning sequel, and Ayako Yamoto continues to bring us yet more wonderfully wacky radio with Ayako's Banzai Show.

If you haven't already done so, be sure to check out The Slojam Show. Here's our man's latest selection of smooth jazz and funk cuts.

Finally for now, a couple of videos. First up, my review of the latest NOW compilation, Now That's What I Call Music 108.

Have you ever wanted to make your own glitch art? 13x offers a beginner's guide here...


Hello summertime! To mark the turn of the season, Rebirth Radio is proud to unveil its new look summer schedule. Most importantly, our Mix Zone now stretches an extra hour into the night, with EIGHT HOURS of exclusive DJ sets from 5 PM to 1 AM, six days of the week. We keep Sundays free of scheduled mixes in order that we can drop in spontaneously and do it live!

Coinciding with these changes, we are happy to announce the first in a new series of sets brought to you by our multi-talented purveyor of all things sonically striking: 13x! We present "The Krunch", a mix of metal, punk and industrial sounds.

Talking of 13x, be sure to have a listen to the stunning SAY Remix of "Monochromatic Omagatoki", now available on Spotify, Bandcamp and Apple Music.

Congratulations go out to Ayako Yamoto for effortlessly making it to 50 shows in conjunction with Rebirth Radio. If you've not heard Ayako's Banzai Show yet, you must give it a listen! You won't regret it...

My series of hip-hop sets continues with "The Rep Grows Bigga", the second Beatdown Special. This one features tracks by Run DMC, Naughty By Nature, Notorious B.I.G., Busta Rhymes, Gang Starr and loads more.


Has it really been four weeks since my last post? Blimey, time flies! Loads and loads of new shows here on Rebirth Radio for your listening pleasure. Kicking things off is my long overdue first foray into hip-hop, "Back 2 Skool", recorded as part of a two-part Beatdown live special with 13x. Taking the approach that all good houses should be built on strong foundations, I've gone right back to my school and uni days with this first set of hip-hop classics. I've already got the next installment ready to upload!

Meanwhile Bluebird follows up last month's debut with "Hesitation", another superb selection of alternative rock.

Slojam notches up his fourth show on Rebirth Radio while old hands 13x, Ayako Banzai and Neil Young just keep coming up with awesome, original new radio! We really are honoured to have such a creative crew :-)


Hello everybody, I'm back once again with a round-up of what's hot around here. Certainly not the weather!


I have a number of new recordings in progress, including the somewhat spooky "The Justice Of Love". Well, it starts off spooky, but over the course of four verses, a middle eight and two instrumental bridges, things gradually make their way towards a brighter conclusion.

JJ Lacey continues to keep the new material coming thick and fast. If you haven't already done so, be sure to subscribe to the Freddie Shreddie TV Youtube channel, where you can stay up-to-date with JJ's latest music.

It gives us great pleasure to officially welcome Slojam to the Rebirth Radio team. Unofficially Slojam has been one of our guiding lights and musical inspirations ever since relocating to Yorkshire. Not only can you hear Slojam's awesome vocals on "Peak Vibe" and "Pseudo Science"; now at last our resident funk and jazz expert has his own regular show, every Wednesday 10pm GMT and Thursday 9pm GMT.

Another new recruit to the team is Bluebird, with his debut set "No Place Like Home". BluebIrd brings a new sound to the Rebirth Radio schedules, with an introspective blend of alt-rock, midwest emo and indie pop. You can hear "No Place Like Home" as part of the Reflections alternative rock show, every Tuesday and Thursday 10pm GMT.


​So what's new then? Hope you are all getting by OK and the most recent lockdown is not affecting you too much. As always, we're on hand 24-7 with non-stop music to keep your spirits up. And if you want to contribute, get in touch!

Plenty of new sets for your listening pleasure since the last entry. First up, you can always rely on Ayako to keep the new episodes of the wonderful Ayako's Banzai Show coming...

13x has been a very busy bee these last couple of weeks, bringing us three more epic installments in the "A Brief History Of..." series.

Meanwhile Justin Nicholas drops an excellent 180 minute trance set, cut into three parts for the Elevation Sessions show.

Finally for now, JJ Lacey continues to create groundbreaking new electronica and chillout sounds. Check out his latest video "Clown".


​Happy New Year everyone! As part of our mission to continually develop Rebirth Radio, we are trying out loads and loads of new ideas, and I thought one of the easiest to get up and running is a regular journal. Stay tuned for the latest news, gossip and banter from RRHQ. Let us know your thoughts and feedback too :-)

For us 2020 turned out to be a good year, indeed in some ways it was our most successful to date. Certainly the need for a 24-7 continuous stream of music on tap was never greater, and the mainstays of the station such as 13x, Justin Nicholas, Ayako Yamoko and JJ Lacey kept the DJ sets coming thick and fast!

The year's big single release was Highway 62's "Sabina". The song has been described as "electro-baggie", which sounds about right to us; the song drawing heavily on memories of those early 90s days but framing them very much in the context of 2020...

126302705_1765212783644065_7610755238470815227_o_edited_edited-modified (1).png

​A year after its digital release, December also saw the physical release of "The Dub Assignment" on limited edition vinyl. It felt emotional and nicely rewarding traipsing around charity shops between Manchester and Leeds, reuniting these records with the very locations that inspired them. Who knows who will stumble across one of these LPs, and what on earth will they make of the music therein?!

I've started work on a number of new songs for the upcoming album, provisionally titled "In Space", which I'm aiming to have complete by early 2022. On Christmas Eve I recorded a totally spontaneous cover of MGMT's "Kids", just for fun!

Iin order to bring my production chops to the top of their game for this project, I've decided to learn a trick or two from one of the current leaders in the field: I've enrolled on an electronic music course taught by hitmaker extraordinaire Kygo.

Having kept myself busy during the first lockdown of 2020 knocking out review podcasts of every single Now That's What I Call Music album, I recorded a pilot podcast with 13x, which turned into an extremely enjoyable, free-flowing confab! Hopefully we will upload more and more of these as the year progresses.

Finally for this first round-up of 2021, shoutouts to 13x, Ayako & Neil Young for the first three new sets of the year. Hear them now @ Rebirth On Demand!

​Catch ya next time!

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