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It has finally dropped! Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey. After many months in the making, Highway 62's debut album is now available via Spotify, Amazon, Apple and all digital music stores. 'Nuff said.... give it a spin. Hope you enjoy what you hear!

And with that, we will sign out for 2022, and see you on the other side. Throughout the Christmas and New Year period we will keep the tunes coming on both Rebirth Radio and Rebirth Classics. Stay tuned, and have a great holiday season!


The "In Space" album has been submitted for release, a few weeks after originally planned, but just in time for Christmas. Full release details will be published in the next entry. Thank you in particular to JJ Lacey for his amazing contributions to several of the songs. If you like what you hear, spread the word!

Meanwhile, back in mixtape-land, I follow up last month's "Reborn Free" with another "sequel", this time 1993's "Connected". Compare and contrast the dance hits of 2022 with those of 1992/1993!

Just a few new sets this month. Still, quality not quantity, and these four sets are absolute bangers, albeit in very different styles.


It was a frighteningly long time ago I created my first mixtape, "Born Free" (you do the maths, based on the song selections...). Miraculously the mix has survived multiple transitions over the years, from cassette to minidisk to CD to iPod to online stream. To this day, there's not a single track on there I'm embarrassed by! Even the quirky title track by Vic Reeves makes a statement about who I am as a DJ: personal taste > "cool" - thus starting the musical journey of a lifetime. Less outré selections include timeless dance classics by the likes of Beats International, Massive Attack, The Source featuring Candi Staton, Moby, Future Sound Of London and many more.

It's now Autumn 2022 and still the music plays on. Opening with the delightfully germane "Summer '91 (Looking Back)", "Reborn Free" carries on in much the same vein as that very first mix, choc-full of pianos, organs, divas and dance beats. What's thirty years between friends?! Plus ca change, plus c'est le meme chose!

Digging a ditch not dissimilar in style is Mr Justin Nicholas, back once again with a new installment of Commercial House Bangers. Enjoy!

We always encourage our DJs to try out new ideas on Rebirth Radio, and as such we're extremely happy to announce the first in a new series showcasing unlikely covers. Still 100% Slojam in aesthetic, this first episode features songs by the likes of Abba, Michael Jackson, Toto, Chake Khan and The Eagles covered in a variety of styles.

Finally for this entry, Neil Young is back once again with more pumped-up party beats.



It's been relatively quiet here at Rebirth HQ over the last few weeks for one simple reason: countdown to release of the debut Highway 62 album "In Space". All the songs are basically recorded now, just the final stages of mixing and mastering to go, followed by promotion and hopefully good reviews :-) Love it or hate it, the album is at least a 100% honest reflection of who I am as a songwriter/artist/producer; a musical portrait of how I've responded to these last few eventful years. I hope everybody can find at least one or two songs in there to get you tapping your toes!

Whilst I am currently tied up with the album, it's over to our loyal crew of DJs to keep the shows coming! In particular, a big shoutout to Justin Nicholas, who adds commercial house to his more usual trance sound.


After what feels like ages, it feels good to be back with a bunch of musical news for you all. Our summer schedules are in full effect, with a stunning set of new station idents (aka jingles) put together with the help of JJ Lacey. JJ is available to help you with any audio/video editing needs. Reach out to us if you'd like to find out more.

A man of many talents, JJ has also found the time to create two brilliant new shows for The Lacey Hour. Check 'em out...

What else have we got for you this month then? Let's have a looksee...


And we are back! The future starts here...


We will be temporarily off the air for 6-8 weeks in order to carry out some essential maintenance. We've been putting this off for ages, but as it has been a relatively quiet month following Dad's passing, it seems the ideal time to carry out the necessary updates. The stream will carry on incognito throughout, so save this link and you can continue listening to our secret "emergency broadcast" stream! See you on the other side...

Once again, it's the Rebirth mainstays who've kept the new shows coming throughout the month.


With maximum gratitude, respect and love, I say goodbye to Dad, who passed away peacefully on 9th February. Without Dad's unwavering support for my DJing and music-making endeavours, Rebirth Radio would not exist today. Dad was a massive music lover, in particular loving country, gospel and classical music. One of my earliest shared musical moments with Dad was our mutual love for the soundtrack to Carl Sagan's "Cosmos". RIP Pete, the best father I could have ever had.

Once again, a massive thanks to the Rebirth crew for keeping the new shows coming whilst I've been preoccupied. I'll be back behind the decks ASAP!

JJ Lacey returns with a marathon two-hour chillout set, comprising 100% original material!

Yet more Nuggetz from 13x!


Happy New Year everyone! Up until a few days ago, all was going swimmingly at RRHQ. Unfortunately this last week my father has been taken ill and is currently in hospital. However, the show goes on in terms of radio output - we are here 24/7/365, through thick and thin, and if anything, keeping the music playing while Dad recovers is the best tribute I can think of at this time. After all, it was thanks to his belief in my abilities that I was able to get started with my DJing, way way back in the early 90s! This song goes out to Dad, one of his very favourites...

For Christmas '89, having done extensive research to ensure I made a wise choice, Dad helped me buy a second-hand Roland D-50 synth (namechecked in the lyrics of "Sabina"). My first studio recording sessions were shortly after, and ever since I've been making tunes, always harking back to those early days for my inspiration and roots. Over three decades later and to this day, I'm still drawing upon those emotions and feelings, deep in the very heart and soul of my music-making. It's therefore especially gratifying to see my recent productions making their way out into the big wide world :-)


Big shoutouts to 13x and Ayako Yamoto, who have kept the new shows coming throughout the month.

You can always rely on 13x's "Nuggetz" series, and as always there are some truly classic artists that we would like to add to the Rebirth pantheon of all-time greats.

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