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Well, here we are at the end of another challenging year for many people all around the world, and I sincerely hope each and everyone of you reading has safely navigated all the dangers of the modern world, making it happily and healthily through 2021.

As always we are here with music on tap 24-7, whenever you need a friend. I'd personally like to thank all the amazing DJs who continue to keep our schedules dynamic, exciting and ever-evolving. You can see for yourself, just by scrolling down, exactly how productive and talented our wonderful team of DJs have been over 2021. Let's end the year the way we started: loads and loads of fantastic, exclusive DJ sets...

13x's superb "Nuggetz" series has been a great opportunity to show our respect and appreciation towards our favourite artists of all time. After over 20 installments, a volume featuring selections from 13x's own musical journey is long overdue.

Talking of musical journeys, Earthbeat's "Green Lady" has embarked on a second life as a "chiptune rock" banger! It's available now....


It's been a long time, I shouldn't a kept ya... How's everybody doing? Another mental month has flown by, with yet more shows for your listening pleasure. Let's start with some Nuggetz...

Also new this month...



And wishing you all a very spooky Hallowe'en! Before cracking on with this month's update, we'd be remiss in our duties if we didn't kick things off with DJ Alpha's perennial Hallowe'en party mix!

Loads more Nuggetz for your entertainment and education. A great way to bone up on the best artists of all time...

Also new this month...


Another fun-filled month has just flown by. How y'all doing? Loads of activity around these ends, with recording now proceeding rapidly for the' "In Space" album. A brand new collaboration with JJ Lacey, "#101", sees the old gang reunited once again!

13x's Nuggetz series continues to showcase those artists who have made a real, lasting contribution to the development of the music we love.

The Scret Garden dub/dubstep show pays tribute to the passing of the incredible Lee "Scratch" Perry, the Godfather of all things dub-related and a massive personal inspiration to us all at Rebirth Radio.

Also new this month:


It's Bank Holiday Time again, so have a great one, whatever you're up to. After the break we begin our Autumn Schedules, packing in a marathon EIGHT HOURS of non-stop DJ sets each and every evening (aside from Sundays) from 5pm to 1am.

RIP to Charlie Watts, legendary Rolling Stones drummer. 13x pays respect with the latest volume of Nuggetz, now a regular show every Monday and Wednesday. Check out also the Nuggetz tributes to Prince and the Manic Street Preachers.

JJ Lacey returns with a marathon two-hour chillout set, comprising 100% original material!

We are very pleased to announce the return of Ayako's Banzai Show after a few months break, during which time we've been rerunning some of Ayako's classic shows. Meanwhile at the other end of the country, South Coast stalwarts Neil Young and Justin Nicholas between them keep the energy at peak levels!

Finally for now, a round-up of the latest episodes of your favourite shows!


Let's start the second half of the year with a brand new page! An awful lot to get through this month, so let's crack straight on with more Nuggetz... Once again, thanks to 13x for coming up with the concept.

Also new this month:

The Rebirth Dance compilation "Anthems & Bangers" celebrates its tenth birthday, freshly remastered for 2021 and sporting a brand new cover. The album's ten tracks span the period 2002 - 2011, including collaborations with DJ Chucky, Kriss Roberts, JJ Lacey, DJ Jonny B, Justin Nicholas and Neil Young.

Finally for this month: it's time for the latest Now That's What I Call Music compilation... check out our review!

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